About Us


To “BE A CHANGE” in the healthcare industry through our customer centric approach and commitment to healthcare community.


“To excel in our customer centric approach by offering innovative, quality, economical and timely healthcare solutions to all our customers”


  • Commitment to Healthcare Community
  • Ethics, Excellence & Customer Relationships
  • Integrity & Transparency
  • Customer Involvement, Orientation & Satisfaction
  • Teamwork, Unity, Mutual Respect & Discipline


Successful marketing depends on addressing many challenges. Traditionally, these considerations were known as 4Ps – Product, Price, Place & Promotion. But we work in service industry where we experience ever changing business culture, unprecedented technological upheaval, new levels of competition and sophisticated customers. Taken together, Global healthcare solutions in additional to the 4Ps, takes care of the other 3Ps – People, Process and Physical evidence to boost customer delight.

  • Product – Quality & Reliable Products and Services
  • Price – Value for Money
  • Place – Available for any customer across the globe
  • Promotion – Empowerment of customers (We just don’t sell our product, rather we educate our customer)
  • People – Proficient team working towards customer satisfaction
  • Process – effective and customized approach
  • Physical evidence – Professional work environment adding to employee welfare


  • “ONE STOP SHOP” for all our clients for any hospital equipment related solutions
  • Tailored approach to best suit Customers needs
  • Best Quality and Reliable Products lesser than the market prices
  • Robust management team behind every project/ assignment
  • “Key Account Manager” for every project
  • Strong association with leading and quality healthcare consultants, product manufacturing companies and industry experts
  • Dedicated advisory board for strategies and executions
  • Quest for world class quality & establishing Global presence


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